Barton Supply helps local plumbing and construction professionals get the job done by carrying all of the materials you need in the field – from piping and pumps to water heaters, fixtures, and fittings required to transition between materials. Enjoy exceptional customer service from specialists in plastic pipe and fittings including PVC, PEX, CPVC, POLY, and ABS. We offer the most comprehensive range of plumbing supplies in the region.

Our retail warehouse is stocked with a vast selection of top-name brands and equipment designed to efficiently heat and move water. We’re a proud distributor of American-made Bradford White water heaters and energy-saving, high-efficiency tankless water heaters from Noritz. We also carry a full range of pumps for residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Finish the job with our full line of kitchen and lavatory fixtures for residential and commercial applications.

Our staff has a wide range of expertise and is always prepared to help you work through a difficult project or get the information you need to solve a specific challenge. We’re in constant contact with our suppliers and manufacturer representatives, staying up-to-date on new products and industry trends that can affect your work and influence your purchase decisions.

Easily find all of the pipe materials and fittings you need in the field or in your project specifications including both common and hard-to-find parts. We carry pipe lengths and an assortment of fittings for:

  • PVC: Schedule 40 Pressure, Schedule 40 Cellcore, Schedule 80, SDR 21, SDR 26, and SDR 35
  • Solid and perforated Sewer and Drain pipe (Thin wall PVC)
  • CPVC CTS and CPVC Schedule 80
  • Water PEX and Radiant Barrier PEX
  • Polyethylene pipe (poly) – 200# CTS and 100#, 160#, and 200# IPS
  • M, L, K, and DWV copper tube
  • Black and galvanized malleable iron pipe
  • Flexible Poly Gas Pipe and Trac Pipe CSST
  • Hub and no hub cast iron soil pipe
  • Smoke pipe
  • Solid and perforated HDPE corrugated drainage pipe
  • Flexible PVC

Call or visit Barton Supply if you have questions or if you’d like to place a large or special order.

Enjoy one-stop convenience for all of your plumbing needs. Barton Supply offers a vast selection of valves required to regulate the flow, pressure, and temperature of water, sewage, and gas.

  • Shut-off valves for all applications
  • Backflow and back siphonage protection
  • Temperature and pressure regulation and relief
  • Frost-free hydrants

We’re plumbing experts and are here to help you find the right solution for the job. Call or stop by if you have questions or if you would like to place an order.

Shop Barton Supply for all of the waterworks fittings you need to connect piping for potable water within commercial, industrial, or residential applications.

  • Couplers, male and female adapters, tees and 90-degree elbows for connecting copper, poly, and iron pipe
  • Flare, compression, and corporation curb stops
  • Dresser couplings for ½” to 12” pipe and for joining different sized pipes

Stop by to browse our selection or call us for professional technical assistance. We’re proud to offer rapid, no-wait customer service.

Browse a complete range of quality pumps for increasing pressure and moving potable water and sewage. Brands include Zoeller, Liberty, Taco, Little Giant, Bell & Gosset, Simer, and Grundfros.

  • Sump and zoellerm53_img.pngeffluent pumps
  • Sewage ejector pumps, grinder pumps, and packaged systems
  • Packaged Toilet Systems for basements and hard to plumb spaces
  • Circulator pumps for potable and hydronic systems
  • Pressure boosting pumps for residential water and irrigation systems

Our knowledgeable staff has extensive experience with each type of application and can assist in pump selection – from a simple basement sump to high-capacity duplex packaged systems for commercial applications. Visit locally owned and operated Barton Supply, today.

bradfordwhite.jpgBarton Supply is the only place you’ll need to shop for the finest water heater brands, installation parts, accessories, repair and replacement products. We’re a proud distributor of American made Bradford White water heaters, offering a broad range of both gas and electric high-efficiency heaters ranging in capacity from two through 75 gallons. We also carry a popular line of Noritz and Navien tankless, energy-efficient water heaters along with emax point-of-use heaters for residential and commercial applications.

Trust Barton Supply for all of your water heater installation, repair, and replacement needs.

Acquire all of the fixtures and china you need to complete your next kitchen and bath project. Barton Supply stocks a comprehensive assortment of toilets, urinals, and lavatory sinks for residential projects along with automatic and pressure-assisted products for commercial applications.

  • Gerber toilets (gravity, pressure assist, and top spud), urinals, and lavatory sinks (wall hung Moen_Faucet.jpgand drop-in)
  • Sloan flush valves and automated fixtures
  • T&S Brass commercial kitchen and bath fixtures, drains, and accessories
  • Kitchen, lavatory, and shower fixtures by Delta, Moen, Central Brass, Gerber, and other leading manufacturers
  • Shower and sink drains, traps, and shower liners
  • Replacement stems and repair kits for leading shower and faucet makes and models

Stop by to browse our selection and enjoy no-wait customer service.

Get everything you need to complete the job from tools to adhesives. We stock a wide variety of pipe hangers for each material along with all of the finishing products you need like escutcheons, cover plates, and access panels. You’ll also find accessories to keep the project moving on schedule including gloves, fasteners, batteries, tapes, and hand cleaners.Rigid_Tools.jpg

  • Pipe hangers and fasterers: Clevis, Swivel, Split Ring, Milford, Reznor, Greenfield hangers, Unistrut hangers, riser clamps, two-hole and roll straps, suspension and one-nail clamps
  • Accessories: Ridgid cutters, wrenches, Auger accessories, pipe threading die, and flaring tools
  • Lenox reciprocating blades, hold saws, augers, leaders, and utility knives
  • Irwin, paddle, and drill bits
  • Glues, dopes, Teflons, drain openers, silicones, adhesives, epoxies, putties, grease, flux, solder, and other cleaning, adhering, lubricating, and sealing materials and products
  • Specialty plumbing tools from Jet Swet, Pasco, General, and Ridgid

Find everything you’re looking for conveniently at Barton Supply. Stop by today.